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5 Steps To Your Personal Veylon Home

There are several things that have to be considered in order to make full use of all the advantages of the Veylon System.
Of course we help you throughout the planning of your Veylon Home.

Generally, a project plan looks like this:

1. Preliminary discussion and consultation

We advise you and present you different possibilities for your House.
Then a system is designed according to your wishes and tested for feasibility.

2. Offer

Then we make you an offer based on the previously designed system.

3. Implementation

After the acceptance of the offer the System will be implemented in your house.
The devices are installed and connected, and all necessary configurations are done as well as the programming of the system.

4. Introduction

Then we show you how you can control your personal Smart Home from now on and how you can profit the best from all the advantages of the Veylon System.

5. Support

After the introduction you will have some weeks to test your system extensively with all the features.Naturally after about 2-3 weeks we would like to know how you like your new Veylon home and if everything works as it should.
At his point we will have the opportunity to carry out final changes and optimizations.

But of course we are available for any of your questions and requests afterwards as well!